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by Konstantinos Menelaou

Commissioned by Fringe! Film and Arts Fest

Public spaces have identities and uses both intended and appropriated. For the public, any space can acquire meaning through personal experiences or by existing information. That meaning differs to each person. Cruising uses the simple act of passing on information and creates an unquestionable identity for Abney Park, that of the cruising area.


The act of cruising is a practice that appropriates the pre-determined and common uses of urban public spaces from streets to parks with a queer geography using as little as a backwards glance or a quick smile. Cruising invites participants to envision new experiences in an existing public space by subverting its meaning through the introduction of new information. The custom made online guide and map enable visitors of Abney Park Cemetery to project their desires and longing based on the chosen authority as a guided experience. The same space can take on different meanings for a variety of users all guided by the experience that the guides provide.

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