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Fringe Film and Arts Festival

Fringe! Presents: Let’s Talk About Gender, Baby

FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2020 / 19:00-22:00
SATURDAY 15 2020 - SUNDAY 16 2020 / 13:00 - 19:00

A collection of experimental and playful short films curated by Fringe Film and Arts Fest director Alexander Karotsch that push boundaries, interrogate gender and get down and dirty in the search for identity, love and existence.


The12Project | dir. Hadi Moussally | France | 2015 | 14min

Twelve one-minute shorts that weave together the poetry of RJ Arkhipov with fashion, art, music, dance and more to create a symbolic universe exploring queerness, gender, and sexuality.


PRIMER | dir. Crosslucid | Germany | 2019 | 8min

A sensory invitation into the new world. Trespass the borders of sexual and gender regulation and enter the hybrid era of human encounters.


SISSY FATIGUE | dir. Oscar Oldershaw | UK | 2019 | 6min

A dance film that takes a trip from fetishised femininity to feared creature of transgression.


ENTROPIA | dir. Flóra Anna Buda | Hungary | 2018 | 10min

An explosion of hunger, raw sensuality, possibility and the abandonment of bras collide when three women's parallel universes collapse into one another.


SWEETHEART | dir. Cathal O'Brien | UK | 2019 | 3min

London honey Lewis G. Burton frolics through Hampstead Heath's abundant thicket on a sun-drenched afternoon.


QUEERING DI TEKNOLOJIK | dir. Timothy Smith | UK | 2019 | 9min

In the last instalment of Timothy Smith’s the Queer Babel trilogy, an AI bot sends a message from the future melding word of a group of artists into a non-gendered voice, speculating on a temporality yet to come.


PIRATE BOYS | dir. Pol Merchan | Germany | 2018 | 13min

This film blends Intersex photographer Del LaGrace Volcano and punk performance writer Kathy Acker’s words to create a moving image tribute to the queer trans punk movement. It’s also about dysfunction and defiance against the idea and image of a ‘normal’ body.

CN: injections, full frontal nudity, light bdsm.


CHACON/TRUNK | dirs. Ben Chapman & Adrian Jordan Chacon | Spain | 2019 | 2min

What's hiding in these swimming trunks?


DEEP CLEAN | dir. David Wilson | UK 2019 | 4min

Cleanliness is next to godliness in this paean to hoover love.

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest has been an entirely volunteer-run organisation rooted in London's queer creative scene since its inception in 2011. Every November, and throughout the year, Fringe! showcases an eclectic mix of films, arts and events celebrating LGBTIQA+ stories from around the world, welcoming everybody.  The festival hosts a multitude of diverse events to tickle every one of the senses with  feature films, experimental installations, workshops, lively debates and more with many screenings and events free or afforrdable. The festival remains open to new voices and ideas, and will always be queer: celebratory but critical as hell.


About Alexander Karotsch

Alex is the co-founder and festival director of Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest and has worked on a number of other film festivals including Open City Documentary Festival and London Short Film Festival. e has been running successful club nights and events in London for over six years. HE is also the co-founder of long-running performance event Naked Boys Reading, and as The Duchess of Pork has DJed across London and run his own club nights including popular nights Dirtbox to mixed gay and lesbian night Dick and Fanny.

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