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by Kostis Fokas


In his first solo exhibition in the UK, Greek photographer Kostis Fokas presents a selection of photographs from his series “I m Not Malfunctioning, You Are”.The exhibition provides an unparalleled insight into Fokas’ evocative work and shines a light on his world of erotic surrealism.

In his body of work Kostis Fokas searches for a new take on the human body and seeks to explore its infinite capabilities.His photographs are a testimony of human sculpture; a landscape where the bizarre meets the ordinary. In this alternate universe, everyday objects and props are contrasted with partial nudes and covered faces, suspended somewhere between reality and fantasy.As the title suggests, the artist allows his models to interact freely, most of the times in uncanny and unpredictable ways, often conveying a sense of surrender and submissiveness. As such, instead of capitalising on the feelings of the objects portrayed through the use of faces and expressions, Fokas shifts his focus on the complete freedom pertained to the image of a human body.

“Stripped from its clothes, I leave it fully exposed and completely surrendered”. Kostis Fokas is a photographer working between Athens and London. His work focuses on the interplay between youth culture and eroticism and widely reflects aspects of his inner self. While on stage, he uses his models as toys, giving them the freedom to interact and playfully participate in the photographic process. By using and integrating various media and objects like cheap cameras, sex toys and masks, his objects are not necessarily stylized or staged; rather, he is photographing for the moment, capturing his subjects somewhere between reality and fantasy. Most of his subjects are covered up, hidden or nude, serving as provocative, playful and sometimes quirky.Through this process, he constantly redefines his identity and exposes himself via the subjects presented.

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