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Digital Drawing

Fine Art Print

Size(s): 50x70cm
Year: 2021


Jason Morris Danino Holt is a multi-disciplinary artist - founder of self-titled, Tel Aviv based indie creative group, and the artistic director of HABAIT theatre Jaffa. He is also a playwright, theatre & documentary director, performer, visual artist, teacher, and cultural entrepreneur.

In 2021 Danino Holt received his Master in Fine Arts at the Bezalel Academy. His graduation project at Bezalel resulted in the creation and publication of the artist book “CAT”.

His future plans include the publication of his first novel (Hakibutz publication), a solo exhibition at Alfred gallery and a multi-cultural retrospective of his work.

Danino Holt is the Winner of the Rozenblum prize for best young artist.


HEY - Jason Morris Danino Holt

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