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Fine Art Print

Size(s): 50x70 cm

Limited edition of 20
Year: 2012


George Striftaris’ photographic activity began with street photography, landscapes and portraits, and in recent years he has been working with male nudity, sometimes incorporating it into the natural, sometimes into the urban landscape and sometimes into the invented spaces of an in-between, unexplored zone. He was a key contributor to "Screw" magazine and soon after a member of the editorial team of FAGAZINE magazine. In these magazines he undertook the images for the covers, the main interviews and some permanent columns. He also created images for the covers of theatrical texts, posters and promotional material for theatre productions - some of which he participated in - and posters for short films.


He has already exhibited his work in several solo and group exhibitions in Greece and Europe. One of the milestones in his career was the publication of his first photographic album entitled PHOSPHORUS on the occasion of his solo exhibition ANDRES UNDRESS in Brussels. Interviews and presentations of his work can be found in the electronic and printed press in Greece, Europe, America and Australia. His works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.

IMG_7114 - George Striftaris

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