Jeanne Jacob - Assface (2019)

Jeanne Jacob - Assface (2019)

Oil on canvas (40x30 cm)


Jeanne Jacob is a newcomer artist. Born in 1994 in Neuchâtel, she lives and works Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). After a propedeutical course in Art design school in Biel/Bienne (2013-2014), she completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at the Lucerne School of Art and Design (Switzerland), where she won the Zeugindesign foundation prize for her bachelors in 2019.


Her diploma-work, ‘Hinter dem Blumentopf (Behind the Flowerpot)’ is a series of five oil paintings that explore the space between personal success and social expectations. Jeanne Jacob participated in several small exhibitions throughout Switzerland. She exposed her paintings in underground porn festivals, such as the Lustreifen in Basel and the Schamlos! - queerfeminist porno festival in Bern.


She collaborated with Klodin Erb & Band for the performance project ‘Babel and Bubbles’ at the Kunsthalle Zürich and in her latest performance project, she presents together with Jenny Scherer a work about dependence and autonomy in romantic relationships at the Migros Museum Zurich in the Exhibition ‘United by AIDS’. 


Jeanne Jacob’s perspective on gender, sexuality and love takes its root from queer-feminist and anarchist theories. Her artistic output comprises mainly painting, performing and drawing and is inspired by her political engagement in social struggle as well as in her everyday life in her community.