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Maik Gräf 

Maik Gräf (*1986) studied at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the HFBK in Hamburg, where he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 2018. Gräf's work deals with queer theory and history and formulates questions about queer subjectivity.

His photographs address themes of bodily and emotional perception. His aim is to evoke emotions in viewers while conveying

the aspect of vulnerability through the use of the material. Based on the understanding of photography as a sensitive medium, the sensitive surfaces of analog photography form the working basis, which resembles human skin in their vulnerability.




Chiara Dondi is a film photographer based in northern Italy.

She has been interested in painting since she was a little child, and she discovered photography during her academic years in Florence.

Her work combines film photography with her past as a painter.

After the development, each photograph is carefully hand-painted with watercolors.



Jason Morris Danino Holt 

Jason Morris Danino Holt is a Tel Aviv based, multi-disciplinary artist - founder of self-titled, Tel Aviv based indie creative group, and the artistic director of HABAIT theatre Jaffa. He is also a playwright, theatre & documentary director, performer, visual artist, teacher, and cultural entrepreneur.

In 2021 Danino Holt received his Master in Fine Arts at the Bezalel Academy.


Thanasis Megkos

Thanasis Megkos was born in Athens and raised in Itea. He graduated from the Ioannina School of Fine Arts and now lives in Athens. He gets bored as easily as he gets excited, often feeling socially awkward when in the company of others. His work explores the idea of loneliness within a crowd, drawing lonely figures in a empty, sexualized environment.


Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 12.12.52 PM.png

Jordan Service

Jordan Service is a queer Los Angeles based photographer. With a background as a clothing designer, their approach to portrait photography is to capture the subjects romantic and ethereal spirit.

Parthenon Kiss copy.JPG

Vasilis Kekatos

Vasilis Kekatos, born in 1991, is a Greek writer, director and Sundance Institute fellow. In 2018, with his short film “The Silence of the Dying Fish”, he  was selected and awarded in major film festivals, such as Locarno, Sundance, Palm- Springs, and Tallinn Black Nights. With his recent film “The Distance Between Us and the Sky” he won the Palme d'Or for best short film, as well as the Queer Palm, in the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

His work has been critically acclaimed in various well-known international publications, such as the Hollywood Reporter,  Screen Daily and Sight & Sound. Besides being a film director, Vasilis has also been involved in art photography, while he was recently commissioned by Vogue Greece and Gucci to photograph the international model Winnie Harlow. He is currently working on his debut feature film.


Anton Shebetko 

Anton Shebetko is a Ukrainian artist and photographer from Kyiv. He currently lives in Amsterdam. He works closely with LGBTQ + topics, themes of memory, loss of identity, plurality of history, and the role that photography can play in revealing these stories. His extensive research is devoted to the forgotten queer history of Ukraine. His range of projects varies from installations and interventions dedicated to old cruising spots and underground gay resorts in Crimea to more relevant topics such as Ukrainian LGBTQ + soldiers.


Chrysanthos Christodoulou

Chrysanthos Christodoulou was born in Larisa (Greece). After graduating with distinction from the Lecce School of Fine Arts (Franco Contini’s painting workshop) he continued his postgraduate studies at Bologna School of Fine Arts where he studied children’s illustration and book-making next to Chiara Carrer, Adelchi Galoni and Octavia Monaco. He has participated in exhibitions in Greece and abroad and so far he has had three solo shows. He lives and works as an illustrator and visual artist in Paris and Greece.


Stuart Sandford

Stuart Sandford was born in Sheffield, England but has lived and worked in the USA for the last 10 years, 5 of those in Los Angeles. His practice encompasses photography, sculpture, painting, moving image, and installation and he has exhibited his work widely in galleries and museums around the world, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and Centre de la Photographie, Genève. His work has been featured in numerous publications and it appears in many private collections around the world including the Sir Elton John Photography Collection.

45x45cm Love can move mountains.jpg


Unseethat is Efthymis Charmalias, an artist/art director from Athens, Greece. Unseethat is creating queer art, touching on different topics, and plays around with boundaries. What do we believe is pornographic? What do we consider too much? How do we chose to expose ourselves on the various digital platforms or dating apps? Also, testing the limits of what can be published on social media. How comfortable are we with our own bodies and sexuality? Is sexual revolution becoming sexual oppression in certain ways within the LGBTQ community?


0. A kiss could be the begging of the end_ Mixed media_ 2016.jpg

Dimitris S. Vavouras

Dimitris Vavouras was born in 1993 in Ptolemaida, Greece. He has been painting since his early childhood and in 2017 he gratuated  from the Department of Fine Arts and Sciences at the School of Fine Arts in Ioannina. Since 2015 he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and in February of 2019 he was shortlisted for the prestigious  Hopper Prize.

Vavouras fosuses on portraiture and its tenor in the history of art and his work is primarily characterized as anthropocentric, while incorporating the notions of absence, memory and identity. He is also a photographer, using mainly analogue films. His photographs are his personal, visual diary.



Aaron Moth 

Aaron Moth (born 1991) is a visual artist whose inspiration lies in nudity, homo-eroticism, architecture, and design.  
He has always been drawn to the collage medium besides producing assemblages and graphic works to experiment with new techniques and apply different methodologies, primarily to the vintage erotic and pornographic printed medium from the 60s to the late 80s.
Aaron seeks to redefine his quality of creation throughout his artistic process by challenging what is more poetic, sensual, and even funny. As he describes his unique perspective, he shows his habitat, what he feels, what he dreams, what he wants, and desires.  
His works can be found in private collections around the globe, among others, in United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Poland, Brazil, and the United States of America.
Aaron Moth lives and works in Berlin.

Tamir David_Progress_2018_45x32.jpg

Tamir David 

Tamir David was born in Israel. He left his home at a young age in search of new cultural horizons. After years of studying native art forms in Asia and NZ he established his studio in Australia. Tamir created and exhibited in Sydney for 15 years and was part of the Sydney thriving art scene. These days Tamir is back in Tel Aviv , exhibiting his work in Europe and the UK . Tamir’s complex identity is embedded into his work which is inspired by subconscious information clashing with reality. Tamir paints, draws and etches using techniques he meticulously developed.


Neige Sanchez

Neige Sanchez (*1992, swiss-french) began their·her photographic practice in the darkroom of a Geneva-based workshop specialized in silver prints, immersed in chemical vapours under red lights. While studying at the School of Photography in CEPV (CH), they·she had developed their·her series « À la surface des corps » which has been shown since at Photoforum PasquArt (CH, 2015), Centre Photographie de Genève (CH, 2017) and Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH, 2017), among others.

More recently, Neige Sanchez’s work focuses on tactics of decoding, refusal and infiltration through abstraction as both artistic and survival practices challenging institutional instrumentalisation and capitalist recuperation. They·she is currently pursuing their·her studies in the Master program of Visual Arts at HEAD-Genève.

Untitled_Stephie Grape_2019_50x70cm (8).jpg

Stephie Grape 

Stephie Grape is a Greek photographer based in Athens. She started her studies at the Law School, but soon dropped out to follow a career in the visual arts. Her are of interest is the human body and its ability to form identities and social meanings and the way they connect or/and reflect.

Her sources of inspiration are her friends, graphic art and pop culture.

She has participated in various exhibitions in Greece and recently her project, titled ID was featured at The Young Greek Photographers of Athens Photo Festival 2020.

1 copy.jpg

Sandra Lazzarini 

Sandra Lazzarini is a self-taught photographer born in Italy in 1976.

After a degree in Art Restoration in 2002, she carries out various jobs, always managing to leave ample space for photography during her free time. This allows her a free and unconditional approach to her photographic poetics.

Her greatest source of inspiration is the painter René Magritte.

Sandra Lazzarini's work focuses on the representation of the female body and, through her photos, she manages to clear the purely aesthetic and conformist canons, transforming them into elements impervious to indecency and deeply imbued with freedom.

Her photos are published in print and online magazines and she has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and in Europe. She lives and works in Romagna, Italy.

gay america 11x14 copy.png

Ori Paul Levi 

Ori Paul Levi A visual artist and creative director based in Los-Angeles, CA.

Raised in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Ori found interest in art in the form of photography at a young age.

Ori started his professional career in London, U.K. working at renowned fashion publications Wonderland and later I-D Magazine, creating editorial, advertorial & video and written content in both print and digital formats.

In 2013 Ori co-launched QWHO Magazine - A menswear, Culture and Music Publication based out of East London, U.K. Acting as the publications Editor in-Chief & Fashion Director, he crafted unique collaborations with brands and designers such as Moschino, Comme des Garcons, Acne, Henrik Vibskov & Martine Rose.

In 2015, Ori relocated to Los-Angeles, CA, where he continues to create art that is transformative, charged, and expressive. exploring queerness, sexuality and underground culture in the form of video, collage, photography & illustrations that are published and displayed around the world.


66.adieu mon amour je t'aime pour la dernière fois.jpg

Lady Gueguette

Lady Gueguette (also known as Marion Guérineau) is an artist and graphic designer, specialising in publishing.
Based in parisian suburbs, France, the artist’s work primarily consists of collages, monotypes, photographs exploring the distinct stages of romantic relationships through the mediums of books, posters or postcards.

She is  interested in the gender gap, gender inequality and how it translates into our romantic relationships.



Kia has practised experimental theatre in Tehran for three years

He has found his interest on photography during a photography workshop in 2019.
His work is focused on self portraiture as a means of identity discovery and also a way to visualize injustice in the life of queer people.
Since 2021 he has been studying photography at University of Applied Arts Vienna.

thinking about you.jpg


Marinavkl is a visual artist based in Athens, Greece. She has studied Audiovisual Arts at Ionian University and has also been a visiting student of Digital Design at Glasgow Caledonian University and of Ceramic Arts at Hanyang University in Seoul. Her areas of interest include digital and traditional illustration, comics, ceramic arts and printmaking.


Alina Gross

Alina's photographs show a female gaze of the body. Her style shows bizarre beauty and unusuall perspectives.

She is based in Düsseldorf, Germany.



George Striftaris

George Striftaris’ photographic activity began with street photography, landscapes and portraits, and in recent years he has been working with male nudity, sometimes incorporating it into the natural, sometimes into the urban landscape and sometimes into the invented spaces of an in-between, unexplored zone. He was a key contributor to "Screw" magazine and soon after a member of the editorial team of FAGAZINE magazine.

 He has already exhibited his work in several solo and group exhibitions in Greece and Europe. One of the milestones in his career was the publication of his first photographic album entitled PHOSPHORUS on the occasion of his solo exhibition ANDRES UNDRESS in Brussels. Interviews and presentations of his work can be found in the electronic and printed press in Greece, Europe, America and Australia. His works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.


George Cassapides 

Athens based photographer, George Cassapides, has been experimenting with surreal photography since 2015. Originally a fashion photographer with a long experience in the commercial industry and two Bachelor degrees in Film, Video and Interactive arts.
Digital full frame photography and photoshop are the two mediums that George uses for his experiments.
Influenced by a mixture of fashion photographers and visual artists, George’s aim is to
fire the imagination of the audience and turn the inspiration into fantasy.
He strongly believes that fine photograph is not just the result of the exposure of the camera, but also the result of significant technical and aesthetic consideration.


Lo Lo No

Lo Lo No is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer from London. Working across film, sound, performance, installation, photography, painting and drawing.
Using themselves as object and muse in a self-portrait practice that explores queerness and otherness through mythology, mysticism, sub culture and academic and counter cultural theory.
They use a writing and collaged based methodology to create costume, make-up and performance to transform, explore and arrive at their outcomes, with each work informing the next as they discover new archetypes and symbols to channel in their research and creation.



Alejandro H. Βascon

Alejandro H. Βascon is a Visual Artist based in Athens. He explores his creativity through mixed-media, working on canvas and paper, using acrylics, inks and digital art techniques. Complex jungles are a recurring scenography in his work, where colour becomes everything. He likes to describe his aesthetics as if Hockney met Rousseau and Matisse for an artistic threesome. Comic and cartoon illustrations can be turned into adult oneiric scenarios, and that’s where the fun starts for him.

Alejandro took art classes at the Fine Arts University in Seville, studied graphic design in Madrid at “Escuela de Artediez” and spent a semester at “Ecole de Communication Visuelle” in Paris.

While living in Athens, Alejandro has been designing at Zacharias Art + Object, a brand that he co-founded as well, which focuses on art objects for concept and museum stores.

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