Commissioned by Fringe! Film and Arts Fest

After Louie responds to Gagliostro’s personal as well as a communal romantic longing for a pre-AIDS/ Guiliani/Sex in the City New York in all its social, artistic and sexual glory. Presented as a timeline and arranged on a ledge of weathered old wood all images are presented as artifacts, markers of time, of loss and of looking for perhaps a better future. Inspired by the short memoir of Gagliostro’s friend William Wilson who died as a result of HIV/AIDS in 1999, the installation serves as a vantage point from which to view the pre-AIDS New York gay life and gay life today. The video work companion piece will be shown in the Vincent Gagliostro programme at Town Hall Hotel on Sunday 15th April as part of Fringe!

Vincent Williiam Gagliostro joined the New York art world in 1972. . In 1987 he became a founding member of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), a group which would successfully position the burgeoning AIDS health crisis as a political crisis as well. . In the early 90’s Gagliostro created with three friends a quarterly journal titled, xxxFRUIT and he became the creative director of QW, a New York weekly Gay news magazine. Most recently his focus has been on multi-disciplinary installations with an emphasis on film/video. His work is in the permanent collections of Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Whitney Museum of American Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Public Library, Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Cooper Hewitt Museum, and the Wellcome Trust.