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3D Render Art

Unsigned poster edition

10 copies

Size: 30cm x 50cm
Year: 2023


Super G' s work focuses on contemporary concepts of post-human condition, new materialist feminism, transhumanism, queer theory, and the notion of ecology. It consists of digital spatial installations, chimeric forms, and technologically mediated materialities, largely composed of digitally processed natural analog models using the 3D scanning method.


Their practice is non-anthropocentric* and is based on the relationship between different embodied and incarnate entities, as well as the direct interaction and interdependence of these entities within broader systems (ecologies, technologies) in which they exist.


It positions itself between the natural and the artificial, body and spirit, and often between a reality and a fictional scenario. It seeks to understand contemporary technological and biological complexity, expressing an alternative desire in relation to the concept of transformation.


The transformed creatures and spatial environments aim to place the viewer in positions of understanding and identification and create a narrative with gendered, symbolic, and social extensions.

After - Super G

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