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The Queer Archive is a production power-house supporting and bolstering up the development of all forms of queer arts and culture, promoting diverse artistic practices emanating from different issues and aspects of queer life and existence, created by both, local or international, emerging and already established artists and film-makers. 

Besides planning, organizing and curating exhibitions, festivals, as well as various ingenious art events, we put up a wide range of parties, screenings, we produce films and do casting for queer projects. 



The Queer Archive E-shop is an online art gallery that has formed an international community of artists whose work touches upon queered or queer-responsive approaches to human existence or manifests meaningful queer interpretations.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity that the digital space gives us today, our team is dedicated to promoting artists and their work around the world. We welcome both seasoned and emerging artists to showcase and sell their art and to expand their network.

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