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The Queer* Archive is a production house supporting and bolstering up the development of all forms of queer arts and culture, promoting diverse artistic practices emanating from different issues and aspects of queer life and existence, created by both, local or international, emerging and already established artists. Our art projects are often supported by special events, such as lectures, workshops or Q+A’s with artists and curators or special guests.

Besides planning, organizing and curating exhibitions, as well as various ingenious art events, we put up a wide range of film production and co-production services, including casting, creative concepts, production and execution.  

Since 2020, we produce and curate The Queer Archive Festival which takes place in the city of Athens with the support of Stegi- Onassis Foundation. The Queer Archive Festival has grown into a sheer cultural meeting point for arts stakeholders to get to know each other, exchange ideas and, ultimately, work together.

Last, but not least, we host amazing parties, gigs and immersive experiences in collaboration with brands, clubs and organizations creating a platform for our family of performers, musicians, DJs to meet their audience.

*The term “queer”, which still resists strict definition, is today used as an umbrella term for a wide range of genders and sexual identities that exceed and blur binary lines, opening up space and creating new, vibrant and inclusive landscapes. “Queer” often commonly linked to the LGBTQI+ culture, but can also be interpreted in a broader sense at the same time; for instance, in a transverse as well as resistant fashion to the norm and as a hybrid form.

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