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À l’autre bout du monde il ne manque que toi


Fine Art Print

Limited edition of 10

Size: 21x29cm

Year: 2020


Lady Gueguette (also known as Marion Guérineau) is an artist and graphic designer, specialising in publishing.
Based in parisian suburbs, France, the artist’s work primarily consists of collages, monotypes, photographs exploring the distinct stages of romantic relationships.
Through the mediums of books, posters or postcards.

Her introspective art acts as a critique of lust and love in an era of social networks and dating apps. It asks: how do young women comprehend their own bodies? How do they deal with their desires, and what new forms do these needs take?

Are we (women) more liberated in our practices, more aware of our desires, more comfortable with our bodies? Sexual freedom has itself become a new injunction. Sexual emancipation, yes, but why? What purpose ? The performance ? To make our bodies even more available to human desire, even more desirable and therefore more likely to be treated as objects? Always sexier, always more “fuckable”? To respond to new injunctions, to show others that you are a liberated woman, to lock yourself into new norms? Or for oneself, to discover oneself, by accepting the pitfalls and the uncertainty of such an individual exploration, without knowing that one will discover at the end of the road?

Her varying publications display her unique interpretation of the Self, but also how the Self is a fluid entity, adapting to, and coping with, the external Other.
She is also very interested in the gender gap, gender inequality and how it translates into our romantic relationships. The big question being will we ever experience a « balanced » situation, a normal balance of « power » between both genders?


Before you came around, I was doing just fine - Lady Gueguette

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