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Je ne sais plus

Digital Drawing

Fine Art Print

Size: 12X12 inches

Limited edition of 10
Year: 2024


Mikael Gravelle is a multidisciplinary artist from Canada. As a writer, illustrator, designer, graphic designer and painter, his work is a meeting of the textual and the visual. In his artistic practice, Mikael draws from his vulnerability in order to transform it into poignant and transgressive images, giving rise to stories that combine intimacy and marginal experience. Mikael has exhibited several times in Montreal and Gatineau, has often collaborated with collectives, and has published two poetry books. Finally, he has a diploma in infographics, has a bachelor's degree in Arts and Design from the University of Quebec in Outaouais, and has been a member of the Association of Authors of Outaouais since 2020.

Je ne sais plus - Mikael Gravelle

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