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The Queer Archive Festival 2020, together with the support of the Onassis Stegi released Paola Revenioti’s KRAXIMO magazine for one unique anniversary issue.

Imagine you are in the early 80’s. The transition from the kitsch of the Right to the illustrated Kitsch of PASOK bliss has just begun. Suddenly, a pink, newspaper-like ZINE titled TO KRAXIMO - A magazine for Revolutionary Gay Expression and the subtitle Every Work for Profit is Prostitution falls into your hands.


The surprise that this form of self-presentation is already causing you is followed by more and more surprises as you browse through it: uncensored photos of handsome naked men; an article on the ideology of the tough man; an unpublished poem by Lapathiotis; an interview by Guattari; an article on love in the HIV / AIDS era that has just begun to be known in Greece; a tender short story by Alexis Bistikas; spicy comments of the publisher with the eloquent title “kaliarntosoures”; erotic ads of people looking for sexual partners; more photos of naked men.


KRAXIMO was not like any other form of a publication released before or after. For twelve years, it continued its publication and its constant struggles, despite the indictments and convictions it received as indecent, despite the refusal of many kiosks to sell it, despite the shame that prevented many readers from asking for it, despite the financial cost its publisher suffered.


Some still remember Paola Revenioti, a very young still, trans activist, photographer, poet, and sex worker, selling her own magazine in Omonoia, shouting about Kraximo, a magazine about your sexual liberation! Because KRAXIMO was not just a magazine, but an event that really motivated the liberation, or rather the emancipation of an entire colourful world.

Kraximo 2020

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