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Tom of Finland Foundation
celebrates 40th Anniversary
with Art and Culture Festival

Halle am Berghain, Berlin
31 may - 2 june

Curated by
Richard Villani / Tom of Finland foundation
Konstantinos Menelaou / The Queer Archive
Eric Lerouge / Instinct

The festival, set against the backdrop of Berlin's iconic Halle am Berghain venue for the first time, was a dynamic celebration of art, culture, and liberation with a diverse program featuring exhibitions, performances, and interactive experiences that pay homage to Tom's enduring impact on LGBTQ+ representation and artistic expression. This included a curated selection of works from esteemed artists such as Slava Mogutin, Matt Lambert, AA Bronson, and other Tom of Finland Foundation collaborators. Additionally, the festival highlighted emerging talents from the Tom of Finland Emerging Artists Competition, showcasing the next generation of artists who continue to push boundaries and redefine queer art.
The festival also featured curated film selections from renowned directors like Matt Lambert, Marit Östberg, and Bruce LaBruce, further emphasizing the celebration's commitment to showcasing diverse queer art forms.
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