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Aaron Moth

Objects of delight

OPENING THURSDAY 13 2020 / 20:00-22:00
FRIDAY 15 2020 - SUNDAY 16 2020 / 12:00 - 20:00

Within human's delight of sexuality, without human's boundaries of decency, art would merely exist without culture. All cultures have influenced art for years. What bothers me is when someone pronounces judgement on queer culture without getting into the depths of it. Besides, as long as we give our respects to all the cultures that have helped shaped the whole humanity, we're on the right path. These nine creative parts of self-vision are connected with understanding. The understanding that is related to needs and dimensions of human beings. The minority hidden in the majority. The shame hidden in invisibility. And the culture’s touch hidden in inconsequence.


These nine offspring of mine are vacillate between line and line. Between pure love and unforgiving abomination. They are dipped into the culture of civilization - spirituality and corporeality. My exhibit handmade artworks are rightly called ‘Objects Of Delight.’ They consist of three main parts — because of their technique and because of their significance. One of these parts comprises three classical collages made on pages of books. The second part contains another three collages but based on book covers. And in the supplement, my newest three artworks which are made of natural resin. All of these art pieces have been done by the timeless concept of civility. Untouched by the hand of human's duty, conceit and a getaway from moral realism. Immersing yourself into them is like diving into the life current.


Aaron Moth is the artistic alter ego of a Polish artist, fascinated by architecture, nudity, erotism and vintage magazines for body-builders from the most vibrant decades of the twentieth century: ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, the time of birth and formation of contemporary queer art. 


Each of his collages is created on the original page, so that each work is exceptionally different and unique. In Moth's works you can find fragments of photographs from different times, but the artist himself admits that he values the most erotic aesthetic from the ‘70s and ‘80s.


Throughout his work, Aaron Moth uses mostly erotic and pornographic pictures. Thanks to the technique of collage, he creates a new, more sensual world that, he says, “allows me to show my nature and who I am, what I dream, what I want, and who I desire. I think that without these emotions and desires I would not be able to create diverse works.”


His works can be found in private collections in Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Poland, Brazil and the United States of America, among others.


Aaron Moth breathes, lives and works in Berlin.

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